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In thoughts, in memories, in whispered comments, in discovered connections and in deathbed revelations there is an insistence upon existence. So what if there are no buffalo here in these Eastern Woodlands!

Let's describe the situation with my “No Buffalo” terse verse below.


No buffalo; no wide-open plains; no buckskin daily wear.
No wampum, no wigwams, no feathers in the hair.
Still, they are to be found, here and there.
In groups large and small;
They gather to say: “Recognize us this way.
We exist after all.”

My posters, prints and greeting cards at www.cafepress.com/NAeastART recognize such presence.







   Z !!

A 75y story partnering Jazz with American History

Posters, Prints and Greeting Cards
Jazz Art for the Soul

In spite of being proclaimed as America’s most original music, JAZZ has been mightily maligned through the years and treated as the devil’s own discord.

Co-opted and supposedly sanitized, it, nevertheless, circles around and manages to slip on by with its down-home BLUES and its challenging beat still intact.

Thank you, Wynton Marsalis, and all others so involved, for your forceful and far-reaching focus toward keeping jazz alive.

I invite you to read my F.R.E.E. book: JAZZ from the Belly of the BLUES. It is a work in progress. Available chapter by chapter, with pertinent paintings, and photos to go with the words, this book speaks of a 75 year jitterbug dance partnering JAZZ with its comparable years of our American History.

Free, feisty and filled with more than a few fun images, this history (her-story) book will entertainingly speak of some serious subjects.

It will invite you to appreciate each chapter’s quick read at a slow, thoughtful pace – with time-out for “ah, yes” smiles.

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So! Here you are with three destinations.
Go and truly indulge yourself.
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•  www.cafepress.com/JazART
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